About Me

aboutmeI started out in Leeds as a witty kid with national health specs, gazing through the window of the local BMW showroom. Escaping a gas explosion in a pub whilst at Leeds Poly was the first hint there may be a spirit guide taking care of business. Unilever showed me how to sell, but not to be anything different. Seagrams showed me how to have fun. In-Wear allowed me to be cool without spending the cash. Initial taught me life can be a drudge.

Then Comcast showed me that fate really exists. Finally, a square peg in a square hole allowed all the instinct and natural skills to come flooding out. And how we changed the world. Paradigms shifted for fun. No-one wanted the internet but we gave it to them anyway – just in case. Lucky we did, 128k was the taster. And what an amazing team building exercise – I’m proud to have built my version of Springsteen’s E-Street Band. And my Steve Van Zandt is still a long time pal.

Many claim to have started it all, but only the Pioneers did that. Comcast, then ntl, then the merged entity and finally Virgin. Always in favour, always on stage at the front no matter what, from beginning to end. Not exactly climbing Everest but in its own way the same. And as Hillary said, “getting back down is important.” And I did.

Then time to move on. Why? In search of true bliss, a chance to do what I want, when I want, with whom I want. And the chance to be there – all day, until the end – for someone so special. An honour. Becoming an investor is hard core; that qualifies as being a true entrepreneur, when the cheque is signed and you ask the family to trust your judgement! So far, so good.

And I’m on the road, speaking and coaching, passing on the experiences and sharing the secrets. The 02 is on my list – watch out.

Then there’ll be another mission………as usual.

And the first book is hot off the press!

If someone asked the speccy four-eyed kid from Leeds if he’d take the journey – he’d say YES!


As a Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management, it was kind of Tom Nash to reach out and ask if I would like a profile in their magazine. Here it is (dodgy picture and all)…

ISMM Profile