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Whether coaching or speaking the primary objective is communicating a message people remember; the conference speech that is forgotten the next day was only for the benefit of the presenter. My focus is to empower the audience or reader to think again, to shake off the limiting thoughts that hold them back from where they want to be, either professionally or personally.

Durham Business School

It was great to have made the transition from student to teacher during my recent talk at Durham Business School – one day the subject matter might even be part of the curriculum!

Your Business Channel Interview

I was recently interviewed by about the principles within my book. Some interesting insights and views….

Peter Talks to Christy

Christy Demetrakis is passionate about entrepreneurship and about helping people to conquer fear and achieve their dreams. She is the author of Faith to Conquer Fear: Inspiration to Achieve your Dreams and the President and Founder of The Empowered Speaker, a communication skills training company. She offers public workshops, customized on-site programs for companies and organizations, and is a certified instructor for the SpeakersTrainingCampTM. The Empowered Speaker workshops have been taught to clients such as Procter & Gamble, Cobb Vantress, University of Cincinnati, University of Arkansas, Starfire University, and Cincinnati Public Schools, to name a few. She is also a Corporate Executive, working in sales and management for 20+ years. Her expertise has landed her some pretty cool interviews on nationally syndicated and regional radio programs.She invited me to join her to chat about my book and what led me to write. Take a listen.



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